July 8, 2020

Death, We Will Not Escape…

    I find myself in a strange place this morning with the announcement that Whitney Houston  has passed away. No I didn’t know her personally, but because she was sometimes bigger than life itself, it just seemed that she would always be there and we would grow old together. She enhanced my life with her beautiful voice and that is what I will always remember her for.

     We can also take this time to reflect on our own mortality… as no one will escape  death. It will come to us all. We can justify Whitney’s past life as her cause for her untimely death, but she had plans for next week. She may have planned on taking her daughter to the amusement park, who knows, but she had plans for tomorrow. The point here is she was just living her life. We  should let this iconic death be a lesson for us all that life truly is too short and that we should live each moment to the fullest.

        We all plan on growing old and living a long life. Just  remember as we make these plans death can come unannounced. We know that none of us are promised tomorrow, but do we really live our lives that way? No, I STILL THINK I HAVE  TOMORROW  and I am one that smells the roses most everyday… .  Let’s live today as if we don’t have tomorrow, it will be the best thing we can take away from her untimely death. In closing Whitney touched my life with her voice, and ultimately with her death, I can hear that beautiful voice in my head now.  I will squeeze all the living I can into today because none of us can escape death tomorrow.  Stephen Spurling

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