March 6, 2018

A “Humbleness Of Mind” About What Is FREE!

I think that one of the biggest blessings that God ever gave me was my “humbleness of mind”  I am happy with the most simplest of life’s pleasures. In my day-to-day life I find that I am aware of all things big and small. I can sit on the porch and relish in the moment of the breeze, feeling the sun on my face, and smelling the smells of nature. All of these things are free! I notice every sunrise and sunset. Some of us are not always in tune with our “humbleness of mind” to even notice these things. We need to notice! These are free gifts that are beautiful and make us “take a breath” and we all need to take a breath. It doesn’t matter where you came from or where you are going,  just be sure to enjoy the free things in nature. After all, these things can only enhance our well-being. This is not a difficult task, but for some reason it is so overlooked.  Today and for everyday hereafter smell the air, really feel the warmth of the sun, and enjoy all things that are FREE in nature! Be more than aware of the sunrise and sunset… Dance in them! I challenge you to be “humble minded” about the free things in nature . So when you notice a beautiful blue sky … say to yourself or to whomever your with “that’s free”. You will be surprised at all of the free stuff around us, and saying it out loud will help you be in touch with all things. And most of all; you will catch yourself taking a breath! And if you are really lucky you may see something “free” that will take your breath away! Stephen Spurling

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