August 2, 2020

Life’s Disappointments

I know that a lot of us live with some major disappointments in our lives, woulda, coulda, shoulda! The thing that will help us deal with our own demons is to remember that almost all of us can say this at varies points in our lives. I for one have my own disappointments and think of these disappointments as “did I have control over “what is” or “do I have control over what will to be?” The point here is that we all must move on from some of  life’s biggest disappointments. We must be strong enough to make alternate arrangements. Be at peace with ourselves, find our happiness and propose in life the best way we can. We are not all destin to have everything we want, and we must be at peace with what we have. And above all… know that if your disappointments were within your control…  You would have changed the outcome. Control over all things that come our way  will never happen, but how we deal with it and make it through should be our focus. Stephen Spurling

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