February 21, 2021

Turning The Page…


            We all think we live life to the fullest and yet sometimes we spend too much time fighting, bartering, and often settling for less than we deserve. It maybe time to turn the page… Turning the page on some situations can be quite difficult. We find comfort in our routines even if our routines are not beneficial  to our well-being! Living in a comfort zone of chaos is not very comforting or wise. Many of us can’t see this because it is all we know and we have become comfortable with settling. Is this why we have such a hard time turning the page in our lives? Is routine and consistency more important than changing our lives for the better???


       Think of all the time we waste on situations that we have no control over. Being wise to what we can and cannot control is key to turning the page. I always try to give myself a time limit on my uncontrollable situations. Turning the page means… I have not only let go of the situation, but it has freed my mind of what was ailing me. So if it is time to turn the page in your life… Do it! It may be scary at first but look what you have to gain…a new and exciting comfort zone that will be beneficial  to your happiness and longevity as a person living your life to the absolute fullest.
  FOOTNOTE: This is easy to say and write… Doing it is more difficult! My chaotic childhood taught me the skill of turning the page. It is more than surviving in chaos, it is thriving in chaos! I have turned a lot of pages in my life and will continue to do so because my happiness is mine to have!  It is easy to feel calmness and peace during the quiet times in our lives. It is a learned skill to feel calmness and peace in the eye of the storm.  Stephen Spurling

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