April 9, 2020

Bite your tongue!!!

Well, here’s a loaded request! I imagine for most this isn’t possible, but I will share with you what my thoughts are on the subject. I believe that some people do what  I term as mis-speaking  (not really knowing what they are talking about, or they’re just plain RUDE)  And is it really our place to correct them just because we possess the intellect to…I say no! I’m not asking anyone to compromise their convictions or beliefs, but ” biting your tongue”  is simply a means of  not participating in what generally turns into an argument or hurt feelings. I believe that the power to “bite your tongue” is a great quality in one’s character, not having to be right all the time, or getting the last word.  We are all individuals with feelings that matter… so think about it the next time you want to “lay in” to someone, is it really worth it? Look at it this way… if you are right, does it really matter if they are wrong?  EXAMPLE: My father has said many times ” I was wrong ONCE, but then I found out later that I was really right”… now you see where I learned to BITE MY TONGUE!!!





  1. Tami Monroe Lower says:

    Steve..this is sooo true. And something I need to work on! LOL

    • Stephen Spurling says:

      Oh Tami it is sooo hard to do, but just remember to not let anyone occupy space in your head with their WRONG thinking! Our idea of what is right ….works for us and isn’t that all that really matters? We don’t have to right all the wrongs in the world. Thanks for visiting the site. It is still an evolving project.

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