February 13, 2021

Every home should have a set of “Hand Trucks”

Hand trucks are not just for the delivery of goods, for construction workers, or movers anymore. They actually are the best tool for your home! As I have aged I have realized much to my dismay, I cannot just throw a big ol concrete planter over my shoulder and move it to another location. Or move heavy objects for cleaning or rearranging things. As many of us are downsizing,  container gardening is becoming the rage. They are easy to replant, keep neat, weed free, and work well on porches and patios. I do like to change my mind and move my containers about four times a year for a new look and seasonal decorating.  We here at Southern Smarts are happy to promote products and services that are made here in the great USA. We find this very important indeed! Its time to get this great country of ours back up and running!

We recommend  “Milwaukee Hand Trucks” (which is owned by Gleason industrial) but built in Greenfield, WI. I did

check out their site and they are offering free shipping..

Hope you find this Hand Trucks tip helpful! They can be used for many tasks and your “back” will thank you! 🙂 Steven Chaberek http://www.milwaukeehandtrucks.com/


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