October 27, 2021

Feeling “non-plus”and sharing the negative energy…

Why can some people hide their “bad mood” (what I term as feeling “non-plus”) better than others.  For people who can’t hide their less than stellar mood, does this mean their character is flawed? I believe not.  They are hurting inside and feel the need to express these feelings outward.(getting attention is a need we all have) Although I must admit that we all can’t feel a 100% everyday,  I do believe that we all can spare sharing the negative energy! Think about it… do you want to be around someone who is “woe is me“…NO!  So remember the next time you are feeling what I call “non-plus” try hard not to share your pain as you will only be remembered for “sucking the air out of the room.” It may seem totally impossible to smile when you feel there is nothing to smile about, but we all want to be remembered for our positive energy, don’t we?. Try it,  as we all know that we get back from others what we give off. And I will tell you this… if you share your negative energy with others you will get nothing in return. This will only make your day more miserable and lonely. I have alway said,” I had rather be around someone’s dog that just had eight puppies than someone’s dog that just died”. I am not being insensitive to people’s problems, but generally when someone asks “how are you doing” they are just being polite. Sharing negative energy… is not something to be shared period!   As Dr Jill Bolte Taylor said ” please take responsibility for the energy you bring into this space” Stephen Spurling


  1. Phil says:

    A to the MEN Sir!!!!! If you have to go back to bed several times until you can wake up in a good mood… then as NIKE says… Do It!!!!!

  2. Agnes says:

    I am soooo with you on this one!

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