May 18, 2020

Getting Old Is A State Of Mind…NOT!

          I have a strong opinion on this subject. I think that getting older is not a state of mind, but a state of the body! My mind is great and I love the way it works… thinking I am still 21…. I mean; I think the same as when I was younger except for my well-earned wisdom. However I don’t feel young when it comes to the changes that I see and feel with my body. I see all the gray hair and the wrinkles. I feel the aches and pains of my joints. Plain and simple my body is aging faster than my mind. I think this can be cause  for great frustration, as I can embrace my gray hair and wrinkles ,but my body must continue to work! This is why I think it is important to keep moving, trudging through the aches and pains of our bodies. I remember my grandmother saying ” I have a “hitch in my get along” (meaning to her , that her body was failing). She still made breakfast every morning, did her daily chores and spent every afternoon rocking on the front porch. She always said; ” a strong body is the best medicine for a strong mind” I now understand. Let me put it this way; if the body slows down and it will before the mind does, don’t give in to your physical aches and pains. After all, being able to get up and go is a powerful stimulant for the mind. So when you get that “hitch in your get along” keep going… your mind will be all the better for it.   Stephen Spurling

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