July 7, 2020

Our logo!

To all of our readers, we have had great reviews. Thank you for your support! I wanted to take a minute to introduce our logo.  Of course the logo stands for southern smarts, but it was also created to imply SOS… SOS stands for “Save Our Ship/Sailors/State/Soul,  Support Our Students,  Sink or Swim,  Service Over Self,  Source of Strength”. Well… I like all of these  meanings, so this is why it is SOS!  The signal that we want to give our readers is… We are here to help. “Two heads are better than one” We are constantly updating our information and material, as we want you to keep coming back! If you have any great ideas you would like to share, lets us know! I am sure we all have good stories to tell and pictures to show. We will gladly feature your DIY project pictures and stories, as we all have something to learn. Thanks again for your support! Stephen Spurling

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