June 24, 2024

” A Good Day”

In order to create the perfect day, we must plan not only our schedules but also our attitudes

At the end of the day, we usually reflect upon the kind of day we have had. But how many of us reflect on what kind of day we will have? With the universe as our aid, we can virtually assure that everyday will be a good day-in the sense that we perceive it as such. The night before, we can mentally map out the following day, seeing ourselves rising in joy and confidence, feeling healthy and energetic, dealing with our duties calmly and efficiently. When we awake, we can take some deep breaths, greet the day in thanks, welcome the new experiences that are in store, whatever they may be, and immediately begin to put out the relaxed and joyous energy that will make the next 24 hours a positive experience.

Be creative and enjoy the next 24 hours! I am in complete control of the quality of my day.


  1. Tami Monroe Lower says:

    I so agree!!! Make the day a GOOD day. Some bad things may happen, but we can choose to make it a good day.

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