February 21, 2021

Good tip for cleaning glass shower doors

I love finding multiple uses for household items, and hate cleaning as most people do.  So here are two tips that will help with both. If you have glass shower doors use a new, not used fabric softener sheet (bounce) to clean off soap scum. The coarseness of the dryer sheet cuts through the soap scum, but doesn’t scratch the glass  (if you have a lot of soap scum build up, it may take several sheets). Once the doors are clean use Rain-X window cleaner as the finally step. You will be amazed at how clean it will make your glass. Rain-X works just like it does on your car windshield, the water  beads up and runs off! This will cut down on the number of times you have to clean. So don’t just use  your fabric softener sheet in the dryer only and go buy some Rain-X window cleaner. Rain-X will become a staple in your home once you try it! And, I almost forgot…. use the Rain-X cleaner on your car windshield too, since it was made for that! Stephen Spurling

Every home should have a set of “Hand Trucks”

Hand trucks are not just for the delivery of goods, for construction workers, or movers anymore. They actually are the best tool for your home! As I have aged I have realized much to my dismay, I cannot just throw a big ol concrete planter over my shoulder and move it to another location. Or move heavy objects for cleaning or rearranging things. As many of us are downsizing,  container gardening is becoming the rage. They are easy to replant, keep neat, weed free, and work well on porches and patios. I do like to change my mind and move my containers about four times a year for a new look and seasonal decorating.  We here at Southern Smarts are happy to promote products and services that are made here in the great USA. We find this very important indeed! Its time to get this great country of ours back up and running!

We recommend  “Milwaukee Hand Trucks” (which is owned by Gleason industrial) but built in Greenfield, WI. I did

check out their site and they are offering free shipping..

Hope you find this Hand Trucks tip helpful! They can be used for many tasks and your “back” will thank you! 🙂 Steven Chaberek http://www.milwaukeehandtrucks.com/


How to Build A Made In America Home

I will be glad to do more than 5%  This was featured on ABC news! 


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In Bozeman, Montana, Anders Lewendal is hard at work building a home he hopes will be a blueprint for creating jobs in America.

Lewendal, an economist turned builder, is constructing a house made entirely from American-made products. Everything from the nails, screws and bolts, to the steel, staples and bathtub is made in the United States.

In all there are more than 120 products from more than 33 states. However, the builders do acknowledge that using American products can be more expensive.

A box of nails is $5 more than those made in China and steel is $146 more a bundle. Even though certain goods are more expensive, in total, the cost of the house is nearly identical. Currently, the all-American home, which is not yet finished , is running only 1 to 2 percent more than a foreign-sourced house.

Lewendal is convinced that if every builder bought just 5 percent more American materials it would create 220,000 jobs.

THIS STORY WAS  FEATURED ON ABC NEW. I am going to make every effort to use made in America products with all future projects. This is what we all have to do! Bring America Back from the brink! Stephen Spurling