“They” Say…..! Who the Heck is “They”.

Who is ” They” ?  “They” say, and we do what “They” say. “They” gives us all credibility. We share what “They” say and this unknown entity exist for most of us. It is a way to confirm what will happen or what could happen. So “They” create an easy path for us to live by. Easy in the sense that we agree with this unknown entity for reasons of  ” Well if they said it , it must be true”.  We live in a world of shared thoughts and experiences and we want to share these experiences to save others the burden of the unknown. We all have become an authority of ” They say”. Imagine if someone had done a fact check on “They say not to swim for an hour after you eat, or you will cramp up and drown.”  Had we not taken “Their” word for it many of us could have had a lot more pool time. “They say no two snowflakes are alike.” Well I find that one may have been difficult to say for sure. So be careful with your helpful thoughts and experiences from “They say”, because “They” aren’t always right.


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