All I Want for Christmas is The Carolina Dog Ladder!          Hi! It’s Cooper! I am putting this at the top of my Christmas list! I love my time on the coast, and this ladder makes is so easy for me to get out of the water so I can jump right back in again! And I feel safe! No more crawling to the dock and being a little scared I won’t make it! It was no problem for me to figure out, and this great idea makes playing in the water more fun for everyone! Check out this great story below, and I say support a business entrepreneur! Can You Really Buy Ambien Online The Carolina Dog Ladder

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Phone:  843-906-6717 The edges of the eastern and southern U.S., along with thousands of lakes, rivers and ponds dotting the interior, play host to tens of thousands of docks.  Great playgrounds for dogs of all types, but especially sporting dogs and their masters who love a good retriever training session or just a fun game of leap, swim ‘n fetch.

Ambien Prices Online 20 years ago on Edisto Island, SC my Dad and I were enjoying such an afternoon with his labrador Jessie.  The challenge of his Milton Creek dock, along with just about any other dock, was that Jessie had no way to swim back onto the dock with her retrieved toy.  She had to swim back in through the marsh grass, pluff mud and oyster shells, and then make her way back down the walkway to the dock to complete her retrieve. Dogs have been known to drown attempting to “crawl” their way up onto a dock.  Their hind legs have nothing to step onto, and many will sink quickly if their front paws slip from whatever they’ve managed to grab on the dock.

Zolpidem 10Mg Online Uk That evening we sketched out the concept for the Carolina Dog Ladder on the back of a paper plate.  Within a few days Dad had brought our engineering creativity to life, and our first dog ladder was affixed to his dock.  He had explained it all to Jessie as it was built and attached to the dock, and according to his tale, she knew precisely what it was for and swam right up on it with the next floating tennis ball toss. As soon as each of his neighbors saw it, they were offering Clemson-Carolina ballgame tickets, bushels of oysters… anything in exchange for one to adorn their docks.  Several dozen still remain affixed to old Edisto docks, along with friends’ docks in Florida, Georgia and Alabama.  Dad has seen many a “thanks Old Man” glance from more than a few wet dogs.

Flash forward to 2013, and after hearing, “…y’all need to sell those things” more than I could bear, I’ve put some energy into building a brand and small business out of The Carolina Dog Ladder.   Yes, since 1993 a few others have designed various ramps and contraptions allowing dogs to swim up to boats or docks, but none are as functional, sturdy or unique as ours.  The Carolina Dog Ladder is made locally (in our South Carolina workshop) from local pressure-treated pine, and can be shipped nationally.

For us, it’s more about the lifestyle of floating docks, rising and falling tides and dogs that love to get wet.  Yes, the Carolina Dog Ladder makes swimming from a dock safer for a dog, more convenient for masters, and has clever features like a sliding ladder that pins into place up out of the water when not in use.   But it’s really about happy dogs, proud of their swimming skills and enjoying the water with their best friends. -Jack Liles            cell 404-384-5294    

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The Recipe for a Healthy Pet! I am so happy to be able to tell you about all of the love and knowledge from Dr.Ruth! She is a veterinarian in South Carolina and has done a lot of research on pet nutrition. She gives the best pet menu ideas to keep your pet healthy, and she shares some great history and comments below! I hope you and your pets enjoy all of this important information, and if you contact Dr. Ruth, she can customize your pets diet!

Gotta go! This made me hungry and I am ready for dinner! Thanks for visiting Coopers Corner!  


I developed this diet based on the tenants of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, using a basic recipe developed by Dr. Roger Clemmons, a neurologist at University of Florida Veterinary School, and instructor at the Chi Institute. The first recipe was in 2005, just as the pet food recall hit, and provided my clients a way to know that what they were feeding their pets was safe. Over the years, The Original Crockpot Recipe ™, has evolved into its current format. I began incorporating concepts from Functional Medicine in to the diet, and specified adding the calabrese or Brassica species of vegetables as a large portion of the vegetable content. Because I was concerned that I was providing the very best in whole food nutrition for my clients and their pets, The diet  was reviewed by a boarded veterinary nutritionist. and there were few changes that needed to be incorporated. largely a small increase in the calcium added, and Iodized salt. As I had always recommended using a multi vitamin to cover all the bases, these components were already covered.
While the diet has been balanced to meet minimum AAFCO standards for all life stages, it is important to remember what this means. They are the minimum amounts of both Macro and micro nutrients to support life through weaned  to geriatric age in dogs and cats. The key word here is minimum. If a pet has poor digestion, or has a disease condition that requires more of a particular nutrient, That nutrient may not be in sufficient amounts in the food. Also, the amounts of a nutrient is estimated based on the raw food stuff, not the processed final food product. These ideas make it necessary in my mind to use multivitamin supplements for all pets, whether they are eating home cooked food or commercial food.

What I’ve seen the Original Crockpot Diet ™ do for pets over the years is astounding. There are some dogs who just will not eat it, but they are very few. For dogs that are well, we see marked improvement in hair coat, decreased volume of stool, and energy increases. For dogs that have health issues, we see decreased pain, increased energy, and general improvement in overall health, as well as whatever specific health issue they came to see us for. The best Testimonial I can tell you is from a 6 year old mastiff who had terrible arthritis in her knees. she would not let me do acupuncture, and she also would not eat the herbal formulas I prescribed. She could no longer take the NSAID’s as they had caused a bad stomach ulcer. in 6 weeks, this dog was walking nearly pain-free, just through diet change.
Cheers –
Ruth M. Roberts, DVM CVA CVH Sun Dog Cat Moon Veterinary clinic
2908 A Maybank Highway
Johns Island , SC 29455
(843) 437-0063

Willis loves Wise Up Workbooks! Hi. I’m Coopers friend Willis. He said I could write for him today because he is helping his dad build a deck. I wanted to tell everyone at Southern Smarts about a really neat book that can help you take extra good care of your pets. I thought about it when I ran out the door the other night, and my mom had to come find me. She was yelling something about “If someone finds you, they will bring you back… Blah,blah,blah..”  I knew she would bring me home because she loves me and takes very good care of me and my brother. . But it made me think.. What can someone do if they need to tell someone all the special things you have to do to take good care of mans best friends?  Well, We found this great new pet organizing workbook called Wise Up! . They help you, your pet sitter, your family, and everyone who can help you with your pet, understand all your pets needs. Even in the worst situations… Floods, fires, etc…. They thought of everything. Even the scary stuff.  They have pet workbooks for cats, dogs, birds, and even reptiles! As a bonus these workbooks were written by a very caring pet owner and her sister. They love their families, and they love their pets, and I love them! Thank you Penny, and Morgan, for helping to take such good care of us! As for me, I had to share, but now I think my mom might have put on her tennis shoes. And you know what that means!  A Walk!   Thanks for checking out Wise-up! Workbooks! Cooper will be back soon! For more information on Wise Up! Workbooks check out their site!

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People!! Pick up the Poo! I want to address a very delicate subject. I thought it was necessary after what happened to my dad the other day. We were having a great morning walk. Now my dad is very good about picking up after me. You know what I mean. He buys special bags, and never leaves for our walk without one. Well, we were strolling along, and next thing I know dads hands and feet were in the air, my carefully confiscated pile in the special baggy went flying over my head, and Wham! Dad was on the ground.. I looked at him, and he looked and me, and then things started to smell. Long story short, someone had gone on a walk in front of us, and neglected to well, pick up the poo.. Dad slipped right on it, landed on the side walk, and had to wear some of it home on his shoes, and his shirt. He was not happy. This little incident has made us look around , and walk a little slower. I just want everyone to be as good as Dad is about picking up after their dogs. It’s good for the environment,and I sure don’t want to go through that again!,,, and neither does dad…….


Finally, Tv for Me.

Zolpidem Tartrate Buy Online Uk Thanks for coming to visit Coopers Pet Corner! My parents just bought me the best thing ever!! They found out about a new TV channel just for me! ( No more waiting for pet food commercials..) It is called DOGTV, and it keeps me company when they have to leave me alone for a little while. A few smart folks with a lot of degrees got together, and found out what we dogs really like to watch and listen to, and made is something special for us! We can listen to music, that dogs like. (none of that bad people music).  We can watch our friends play, and see our other friends at home with their families. It makes me feel good. I don’t get depressed, or bored, and the time goes so fast. Before I know it my parents are home! It started August 1st, with Direct TV, and is only 4.99 a month. Cheap compared to all the dog toys I like to destroy!

I am glad you took some time to come and see me. I hope you and your dogs can enjoy DOGTV! DOGTV has a facebook page, and a website. You can also preview DOGTV on YouTube.

Cooper Gets Misty Watching This Video… You probably already know I’m a shelter dog and a lucky dog. It’s been the good life for me for a while now and I know how important it is to have humans help you.  We hear so many bad things about people when we are in the shelter so I wanted to share this video. There are other animals, like some breeds of dogs that unfairly get a bad rap, and I think bats are one of them. Lil’ Drac is my friend. Please watch, I promise you will be moved…I was.

Signed… Super Cooper “The All American Shelter Dog”


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Cooper’s list of American Made pet products!

After our meeting here at yesterday,  Cooper decided he wanted to compile a list of American Made pet products. Upon extensive research we have come up the beginnings of what I think is going to be a fairly long list. We will continue to add, as we research that indeed, these companies are producing these goods here in the great USA. So check out some of these sites and see what they may offer your furry friends. Cooper has already given me his “wish” list for the upcoming holidays!
Makers of Go-Sling™, a traditional style sling redesigned to easily set and load a ball to play fetch with a dog. Made in the USA  

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Stylish dog collars, leashes, halters and harnesses




indestructible, tough balls for dogs. Made in America

First bird toy line to be “Certified” made in the USA



Thanks for checking out my corner.. I will continue to sniff out other great Made in America pet products.

Signed… Super Cooper “The All American Shelter Dog”







The “short lived life” of Cooper’s dog toy…

     I don’t know about you, but lately I have realized dog toys seem to be getting a bit more expensive. I assume alot of things are headed in that direction these days with the current economy and all. Cooper’s toys are very, very important to him and going without, quite frankly is a complete non-option. He really enjoys taking them apart, which is fine with me as he has never destroyed anything in my home… Not even a shoe!

I was in Target just the other day and thought I would pick up something new…..Well…. NOT! A stuffed toy for $9.00 that will last, if I am lucky, one hour in my home once Cooper gets a hold of it. It just seems like a complete and total waste of money.

Then I thought of something. Goodwill! They have a large selection of donated stuffed toys that are a fraction of the cost, the money helps many in need, it’s a win win. I walked out of that store with 8 stuffed animals of different shapes and sizes and spent $12.00. Just three more dollars than the one toy at Target.

There are some things you should know and keep in mind when shopping for stuffed toys at Goodwill. Avoid any toy that feels like it has those little beads in it. Again, avoid anything with beads!!! It could be dangerous to your pet plus its awful to vacuum up once the toy has been gutted. Also, God forbid you step on them with bare feet on a wood floor. OUCH! And that’s only if you stay standing, if you know what I mean.

Using good common sense, inspect the toy for anything that could be swallowed or cause any sort of blockage in your pet should they decide to ingest anything. Just yesterday I made some adjustments to a toy as Cooper was ready for a new one. Granted she looked like’the “Bride of Chucky” or something creepy from some horror flick when I was thru, but he didn’t seem to care and strutted thru the house proud as a peacock happily showing it off. And last, but not least, wash them in washing machine prior to play time.” I’m just saying”…..”Chabby” for Cooper