May 6, 2021

The Recipe for a Healthy Pet!

I am so happy to be able to tell you about all of the love and knowledge from Dr.Ruth! She is a veterinarian in South Carolina and has done a lot of research on pet nutrition. She gives the best pet menu ideas to keep your pet healthy, and she shares some great history and comments below! I hope you and your pets enjoy all of this important information, and if you contact Dr. Ruth, she can customize your pets diet!

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I developed this diet based on the tenants of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, using a basic recipe developed by Dr. Roger Clemmons, a neurologist at University of Florida Veterinary School, and instructor at the Chi Institute. The first recipe was in 2005, just as the pet food recall hit, and provided my clients a way to know that what they were feeding their pets was safe. Over the years, The Original Crockpot Recipe ™, has evolved into its current format. I began incorporating concepts from Functional Medicine in to the diet, and specified adding the calabrese or Brassica species of vegetables as a large portion of the vegetable content. Because I was concerned that I was providing the very best in whole food nutrition for my clients and their pets, The diet  was reviewed by a boarded veterinary nutritionist. and there were few changes that needed to be incorporated. largely a small increase in the calcium added, and Iodized salt. As I had always recommended using a multi vitamin to cover all the bases, these components were already covered.
While the diet has been balanced to meet minimum AAFCO standards for all life stages, it is important to remember what this means. They are the minimum amounts of both Macro and micro nutrients to support life through weaned  to geriatric age in dogs and cats. The key word here is minimum. If a pet has poor digestion, or has a disease condition that requires more of a particular nutrient, That nutrient may not be in sufficient amounts in the food. Also, the amounts of a nutrient is estimated based on the raw food stuff, not the processed final food product. These ideas make it necessary in my mind to use multivitamin supplements for all pets, whether they are eating home cooked food or commercial food.

What I’ve seen the Original Crockpot Diet ™ do for pets over the years is astounding. There are some dogs who just will not eat it, but they are very few. For dogs that are well, we see marked improvement in hair coat, decreased volume of stool, and energy increases. For dogs that have health issues, we see decreased pain, increased energy, and general improvement in overall health, as well as whatever specific health issue they came to see us for. The best Testimonial I can tell you is from a 6 year old mastiff who had terrible arthritis in her knees. she would not let me do acupuncture, and she also would not eat the herbal formulas I prescribed. She could no longer take the NSAID’s as they had caused a bad stomach ulcer. in 6 weeks, this dog was walking nearly pain-free, just through diet change.
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