Time For A Christmas Tree!

Tramadol Buy Australia I am not an aficionado when it comes to decorating a Christmas tree, but do know a thing or two about the placement of a tree in a room. I only came upon this knowledge through countless nights of touring the neighborhood Christmas decorations.  So my best advice is… do not put your tree directly in front of the front window of your home unless the window is a floor to ceiling window. Here is the reason… all that anyone can see from the outside is basically 1/3 or the middle of  the tree. Where is the bottom or the top? All it looks like from the exterior;  a mesh of christmas lights just thrown  in the window. I realize the tree is for you and your family and you can put it anywhere you want. But I also realize that we all decorate our homes for others to see our festive holiday spirit.  This is why I say, pick a spot in the room on an interior wall across from the window. Then you are showcasing the entire room and most importantly the entire tree! If you are still not convinced, do what I did. Drive around and look at decorations and be honest as to which tree placement  is more inviting. After all; it has been proven we  have more guests in our homes this time of year. There is absolutely nothing wrong with showing off our holiday style. Think about it … when you have your picture taken, you smile… showing your best side. I say showcase the best Christmas tree, which would be all of it! And we all will smile when we arrive at your house this holiday season. Stephen Spurling



  1. Guy Austin says:

    Very clever but I never really thought about it. You’re right and will take your advice. Merry Christmas!

  2. Sharyn Marion says:

    https://tankinz.com/ie01tt78 Love your tree, but I ADORE those exposed beams!