May 6, 2021

People!! Pick up the Poo!

I want to address a very delicate subject. I thought it was necessary after what happened to my dad the other day. We were having a great morning walk. Now my dad is very good about picking up after me. You know what I mean. He buys special bags, and never leaves for our walk without one. Well, we were strolling along, and next thing I know dads hands and feet were in the air, my carefully confiscated pile in the special baggy went flying over my head, and Wham! Dad was on the ground.. I looked at him, and he looked and me, and then things started to smell. Long story short, someone had gone on a walk in front of us, and neglected to well, pick up the poo.. Dad slipped right on it, landed on the side walk, and had to wear some of it home on his shoes, and his shirt. He was not happy. This little incident has made us look around , and walk a little slower. I just want everyone to be as good as Dad is about picking up after their dogs. It’s good for the environment,and I sure don’t want to go through that again!,,, and neither does dad…….