Big Art. Where to hang. Upon moving into my smaller digs, I found I had very limited wall space for the art I have been collecting over the years. I took some to my small cottage on the North Carolina coast, but had a number of large pieces that I could not bring myself to part with or put in storage. While pondering my delimma, I decided the best place to hang and lite my Art was the large expanse, of often unused wall space, that ran up my staircase to the second floor.It also had a single light source at the top of the stairs. Since most of the pieces in my collection were framed in gilded gold frames, I knew the walls had to be a dark color for the frames to pop. Once again, I had the plan and it was time to complete the project

Tramadol To Buy Uk First I fashioned a scaffolding( not for the faint of heart) as I had to move across the space to paint then install my art work. I painted the walls a soft chocolate and hung my Art. I knew I needed at least 5 spots to light the walls, and the lighting had to be flexable and inexpensive. On a trip to my local IKEA, I found my strip lighting  and installed a dimmer. I absolutely love what I now call my gallery! I can sit in bed and look out into the hall and see my collection! It brings me peace and I reminess of the travels in which I found  every piece. Steve


  1. Tami Monroe Lower says: Love the artwork in the stairwell. Ours is the same….mostly family pictures, but a bit of art as well!!