October 3, 2023

Cooper’s list of American Made pet products!

After our meeting here at Southernsmarts.com yesterday,  Cooper decided he wanted to compile a list of American Made pet products.

Upon extensive research we have come up the beginnings of what I think is going to be a fairly long list.

We will continue to add, as we research that indeed, these companies are producing these goods here in the great USA. So check out some of these sites and see what they may offer your furry friends. Cooper has already given me his “wish” list for the upcoming holidays!


Makers of Go-Sling™, a traditional style sling redesigned to easily set and load a ball to play fetch with a dog. Made in the USA







Stylish dog collars, leashes, halters and harnesses











indestructible, tough balls for dogs. Made in America



First bird toy line to be “Certified” made in the USA











Thanks for checking out my corner.. I will continue to sniff out other great Made in America pet products.

Signed… Super Cooper “The All American Shelter Dog”