Twelve Steps That Can Make Your Space look Larger.     In checking out my library, I came across book put out by House Beautiful a few years back and thought this is some great information to share with you all! 1) Decorate with intention….Haphazard decorating just accentuates the “BOX’ effect of a small space.

2) Use round tables. They are easy to work around and you can always squeeze in an extra chair. Plus, they look fine if they’re off-center on a wall or in front of a sofa. 3) Lateral accents expand the space. Paint your walls with horizontal bands in three related colors or several sheens of the same hue. 4) MIRRORS open up small spaces. Many mirrors set a different angles open up a room even more and reflect bits of and pieces

of things you might not otherwise notice.

5) Use many sources of light. Lampshades that concentrate the light give the impression that a space is larger. 6) Leave the ceiling unlit or you will feel it’s on your head. Several small lamps will add character and depth to a room. One exception, small recessed lighting located closer to the corners of your room. It sheds nice soft lighting when dimmed and defines the space. 7) Use light furniture with legs. Skirted furniture tends to close up a space.

Tramadol Online Fast Delivery 8) Purchasing Tramadol Create perspectives so you don’t feel closed in. The view from one room to another should be intentionally composed with a smooth transition from one ambiance to the next. Color, Accessories and Art. 9) Tramadol Online American Express If possible, Add INTERIOR windows. (open spaces in a wall to allow light, air and conversation to flow from room to room.

10) Keep keep the eye moving. Make window treatments and wall colors the same or closely similar.

11) Get rid of doors where you can. replace if you like with light curtains….Have fun and use your imagination where your fabrics are concerned.

12)  Go for things of Good Quality. In a small space, Everything receives attention.

“Chabby Chaberek”




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