December 8, 2022

Lighting for deck stairs

I have come up with an easy and inexpensive way to light up your deck stairs. First you must have what are called risers, ( boards that run between each step, used to close up the area under each step. I cut out a 1 inch  high by 12 inch width rectangle of the riser (bottom side closest to the step). The best part is that I envisioned a frosted plexiglass cover for each cut out . However, plexiglass seemed way to labor intensive and costly, so I thought what material would give me the same look? I was at Home Depot and thought plastic, clear plastic which isn’t clear, has a frosted look. I headed to the paint department to find a roll of plastic. I cut the plastic into squares and stapled  the plastic squares to the back the stair risers. I use a single light under the stairs that is on a timer.  Look at the pictures as they explain and show the results. Forget the plexiglass and use the inexpensive plastic to create lighting for the stairs. This project shows how to substitute materials and save money doing it!

This idea could also be used on a handicap ramp!


The “short lived life” of Cooper’s dog toy…

     I don’t know about you, but lately I have realized dog toys seem to be getting a bit more expensive. I assume alot of things are headed in that direction these days with the current economy and all. Cooper’s toys are very, very important to him and going without, quite frankly is a complete non-option. He really enjoys taking them apart, which is fine with me as he has never destroyed anything in my home… Not even a shoe!

I was in Target just the other day and thought I would pick up something new…..Well…. NOT! A stuffed toy for $9.00 that will last, if I am lucky, one hour in my home once Cooper gets a hold of it. It just seems like a complete and total waste of money.

Then I thought of something. Goodwill! They have a large selection of donated stuffed toys that are a fraction of the cost, the money helps many in need, it’s a win win. I walked out of that store with 8 stuffed animals of different shapes and sizes and spent $12.00. Just three more dollars than the one toy at Target.

There are some things you should know and keep in mind when shopping for stuffed toys at Goodwill. Avoid any toy that feels like it has those little beads in it. Again, avoid anything with beads!!! It could be dangerous to your pet plus its awful to vacuum up once the toy has been gutted. Also, God forbid you step on them with bare feet on a wood floor. OUCH! And that’s only if you stay standing, if you know what I mean.

Using good common sense, inspect the toy for anything that could be swallowed or cause any sort of blockage in your pet should they decide to ingest anything. Just yesterday I made some adjustments to a toy as Cooper was ready for a new one. Granted she looked like’the “Bride of Chucky” or something creepy from some horror flick when I was thru, but he didn’t seem to care and strutted thru the house proud as a peacock happily showing it off. And last, but not least, wash them in washing machine prior to play time.” I’m just saying”…..”Chabby” for Cooper