Lighting for deck stairs

Buy Brand Name Ambien Online I have come up with an easy and inexpensive way to light up your deck stairs. First you must have what are called risers, ( boards that run between each step, used to close up the area under each step. I cut out a 1 inch  high by 12 inch width rectangle of the riser (bottom side closest to the step). The best part is that I envisioned a frosted plexiglass cover for each cut out . However, plexiglass seemed way to labor intensive and costly, so I thought what material would give me the same look? I was at Home Depot and thought plastic, clear plastic which isn’t clear, has a frosted look. I headed to the paint department to find a roll of plastic. I cut the plastic into squares and stapled  the plastic squares to the back the stair risers. I use a single light under the stairs that is on a timer.  Look at the pictures as they explain and show the results. Forget the plexiglass and use the inexpensive plastic to create lighting for the stairs. This project shows how to substitute materials and save money doing it! This idea could also be used on a handicap ramp!

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5 Low Cost Kitchen Redos.

Zolpidem Tartrate Online Uk The kitchen is the focal point in many homes. And it’s one of the features, should you decide to ever sell, that potential buyers compare most closely when they are shopping for a home. Here are cost estimates for some low-cost kitchen upgrades that can give you a  real “POP” without breaking the bank.

1. Hardware

Buying Ambien Online Reviews replacing cabinet hardware such as handles, knobs, and hinges is a quick, DIY way to enhance kitchen space. According to, an average kitchen is 200 sq feet with 30 linear feet of cabinetry,which equates to about 40 handles and knobs. averaging between $2.00 and $20.00 per knob or pull, a homeowner can expect to spend between $80.00 to $800.00 for this enhancement. 2. Faucet

Can You Safely Buy Ambien Online There are a myriad options today in terms of height, spouts, pullout hoses and folding necks, with quality faucets starting at around $200.00. 3. Lighting

Adding an LED under-cabinet light can have a dramatic effect for around $40.00 4. Organization

Practical storage in the kitchen will go a long way. Over the door hooks, baskets in the Pantry, drawer organizers, wall hooks for pots and pans and stackable shelves for cabinets will add appeal, typically for less thank $100.00. Make your kitchen appear cook friendly. 5. Countertops

Ambien Ordering Online Laminate can mimic the contemporary look of granite at a significant discount. The cost for the average kitchen with 30 linear feet of laminate countertops is roughly $1575; the same space in granite would be about $2400.00

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Create Evening Curb Appeal With Landscape Lighting

Ambien Sale Online This is a great and easy do-it-yourself  idea… You can buy a lighting kit at any of the home improvement stores for under $100. Now you say, why bother… I say, think about it, we all have great pride in the curb appeal we have created for our homes, so why not show them off during what I call “ Primetime” . Primetime viewing is after most people are home from work, and start their personal lives….going out to dining, a movie, grocery store, even carting the kids off to their various functions. My point is, this is really the only time we have to showcase our homes. This exterior lighting will put your home on the map, drawing all eyes to a warm and inviting glow. I guarantee your home will get more than a second glance! I almost forgot to mention the upgraded security these lights offer, that’s a big plus in itself! Watch the video and if you don’t think this is money well spent, I’ll come do it for you myself! Remember to watch the video all the way to the end, as the last frame will show the before and after! Wow…. and for under a hundred bucks!