August 10, 2022

Create Evening Curb Appeal With Landscape Lighting

This is a great and easy do-it-yourself  idea… You can buy a lighting kit at any of the home improvement stores for under $100. Now you say, why bother… I say, think about it, we all have great pride in the curb appeal we have created for our homes, so why not show them off during what I call “Primetime” . Primetime viewing is after most people are home from work, and start their personal lives….going out to dining, a movie, grocery store, even carting the kids off to their various functions. My point is, this is really the only time we have to showcase our homes. This exterior lighting will put your home on the map, drawing all eyes to a warm and inviting glow. I guarantee your home will get more than a second glance! I almost forgot to mention the upgraded security these lights offer, that’s a big plus in itself! Watch the video and if you don’t think this is money well spent, I’ll come do it for you myself! Remember to watch the video all the way to the end, as the last frame will show the before and after! Wow…. and for under a hundred bucks!