August 10, 2022

Best Task Light for the Money.


I love finding uses for new products I happen upon as I work on various design projects. I will be bringing you

new products on a regular basis as I find them.


The Jansjo Lamp from IKEA is one hot item! I happend upon this fantastic lamp the other day as I was visiting my local IKEA.

They are very flexiable and are actually quite attractive. I had 3 dark areas on my countertops

in my kitchen and have utilized them as “undercounter lighting”. I also have a pair as task lights on either side

of my bed. They are really cool in a bookcase, or spotlight your liquor bottles with one on your bar.

They are available in the following colors. Black, White, Silver, Pink, Red. Now the best part, the Jansjo lamp

retails for $9.99. SUCH A DEAL. Style and Good Design does not have to cost a fortune!

As always, let us know how your projects are going as we love interacting with our readers. “Chabby”

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