It is up to us, Americans…and we can do it! We can bring  jobs back to this country, and we cannot rely on Washington to do it for us! ( they have their own political agenda)  We can rebuild the American dream if each one of us make the effort to buy products that are made in the USA. It will be difficult and most of all time-consuming, but our country ( everyday people) are in need of jobs and we all are in need of  believing in the  American dream again.  “The land of opportunity” This economic situation has held each and every one of us hostage, in one way or another( mentally or financially) … you can’t move  forward or up…. we are all treading water and it has got to stop! I seriously want you to research just ONE product that we all use that is made in America, and pass it on to me and your friends. If each one of us just do one product… we can make a difference. It was an epiphany for me to see the story on an average man who decided to build a house out of all American made products…Let the politicians have their elections, and we will do this ourseleves. IT CAN BE DONE….  Stephen Spurling