June 23, 2024

A Great Kitchen Renovation

This is one of my favorite kitchen renovations. I have posted  before, during and after pictures that you must see! We not only put new cabinets and counter tops in, we changed the functional obsolescent of the existing kitchen. We opened the wall going to the basement, reconfigured the basement door which added about 4 more foot of counter top, base cabinet drawers and exposed a hidden window in the basement stairwell. We took out the pantry closet located in the small eat-in area,neither of which were functional and added glass door front cabinets and a window seat. We even reclaimed and refinished the pine floors that were hidden under several layers of vinyl flooring! This was a top to bottom renovation that stayed within the original character of the house, and in the process added even more!


  1. Teri Marshall says:

    Cute kitchen!

    • Stephen Spurling says:

      Teri, this was a kitchen I did several years ago, it is one of my favorite. It was so small, but turned out so large on storage and looks!

  2. Guy Austin says:

    Love this! Very creative and talented!

  3. You can also have a walk in shower if there is enough
    room to spare. They want to move the sink so the entire plumbing
    network has to be moved and this really increases the costs
    by two or more. I know that the changes we’ve made in my parents home are greatly appreciated.

  4. Amber Zinobile says:

    Love it, if we don’t sell, come do our kitchen:)

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