September 24, 2021

Moving a large bush or shrub…

We all want to keep every plant we have added to our yard over the years, but sometimes they outgrow their space. Here is a helpful hint for moving a large bush or shrub to another area of your yard. Cut around the root ball to a depth of 12 inches or more with a shovel, you will feel the feeder roots being severed.Let the plant stay in this state for a week or more. If it appears wilted, of course water it. This will reduce the shock of the move…. hence making the plant more likely to survive. All of our plants have value… so save them whenever possible, besides creating a new garden area is always a good thing.


  1. Alisha Tomlinson says:


    • Stephen Spurling says:

      I am all about saving any plant! My plant love falls second to animals, but that’s just how important I think it is.Thanks for checking out the site!

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