May 27, 2022

A cup, cup and a cup…Peach Cobbler

Ok , now that I have your attention…. It’s the southern slang for the best peach cobbler recipe! I first must give credit where credit is due. On one of many trips to the wonderful seaside town of Southport NC, I attended a 4th of July cook out with my friends. I met a wonderful lady by the name of Lane Cook who brought this fantastic peach cobbler to the backyard bash! She was kind enough to share this simple recipe with me. The rest is history, as I have been making it ever since. As I said, it’s simple and takes no time to make! Here’s the cup, cup, and a cup peach cobbler!

  • a cup of sugar
  • a cup of flour (self-rising)
  • a cup of milk

     That’s all… so easy you don’t even have to write it down… well we still need the fruit, butter,and directions…

Mix your cups of sugar /flour/milk together … lumps are good. Then put a stick of  butter in a casserole/baking pan (9×14) melt the butter in the oven on 350′. On the stove top put 6 cups of fresh peaches ( you can use frozen peaches, just the one’s with no sugar added) Then add one  cup of sugar to the peaches, only need to cook til sugar has thoroughly melted (syrupy) Take the dish out of the oven with the melted butter, pour the batter into the dish, and then pour the peaches right in the center of the mix… Do Not Stir. Put in the oven for one hour at 350’… watch it toward the end as it sometimes cooks faster…Enjoy!