October 27, 2021

It’s Pansy Time.

Yes… It is that time of year once again as we await the cold Winter that is approaching. Time to plant our pansies.

I have had many comments over the years as to how my pansy beds always look so full and seem to thrive when others do not. I am happy to share what I have been doing for all these years.

First of all; Pansies love the cold temperatures, and we are lucky enough here in the South to have many months to enjoy them. First I get a couple of bags of good quality garden soil and arrange mounds. They can be really any shape you could possibly want and place the plants about 3 inches apart. As you will see in my photo’s I chose long beds. The possibilities are endless where color is concerned and I always try to stick with a theme. Of course that can be whatever your heart desires and you can shake it up and make it different year after year. This year I am going to do a multicolored theme, as I wanted it bright and whimsical. Try to coordinate with your homes exterior color, whether it be the front door, shutters, or basically the color of your home. For instance, a yellow cottage will look smashing with a purple and white theme. Purple and yellow are gorgeous together and for an additional punch, plant them in a window box! The possibilities are endless. Don’t be afraid to use your imagination!

After planting I usually use Miracle grow plant food and feed each individual plant. I repeat this feeding every three months as weather permits. The end result will be a colored carpet of beautiful blooms! And now the best secret of all. As winter dies and spring arrives, simply “dead head” your plants, give then another good meal of miracle grow and watch them come alive again. I have had my beds stay beautiful thru mid April. Just in time for summer planting. But that’s another story coming your way. “Chabby”