May 6, 2021

7 DAY Kitchen Renovation

I am not stretching the truth! Four of us renovated this kitchen in 7 days. This kitchen belongs to my neighbors at Oak Island NC… a vacation home that wasn’t desperate for a kitchen renovation, but the kitchens knotty pine cabinets looked more like a mountain cabin. With a lot of work in a short period of time we had to convert this “mountain cabin”   kitchen into a beach kitchen! We had many challenges , the worst  being the house had cinderblock  walls… This challenge created the guideline for all of our work to begin. We had to put wood stripe on all the walls. It was the only way to run new wiring for outlets, the stove and plumbing lines for the sink. Once the stripes were in place we sheeted the kitchen wall areas with tongue and groove plywood sheets. Now we could place the new cabinets and flooring and appliances… there wasn’t one inch of this kitchen that wasn’t  new once we were finished. I would love to tell you more details, but the photos will speak for me,  and WOW you! Does it look like a beach house kitchen now? Yes of course it does!












A Small Kitchen With A Big Bang!

 This small kitchen was turned into a dream kitchen without adding any square footage. So when working with limited space, does size really matter? No. What matters is how you design the space you have for your needs and what pizzazz you can create. Remember pizzazz fits in any space!  The most precious commodity in a small kitchen is the counter top space. This kitchen was designed with a built-in microwave cabinet below the counter top and an oversized single farm sink that holds large platters, both saving countertop space. The great contemporary/ traditional chandelier anchors the kitchen with “stand out” design. During the renovation we actually found an orignal plastered archway over the sink that had been hidden from  a previous renovation… Why???  I was so excited to find this original archway as it’s true architecture for the age of the house. What a classy design in a small space that works for the homeowner and the chandelier is the real icing on the cake! Stephen Spurling