Past “Emotional” War Wounds     Boy, didn’t some of us have a difficult emotional past that has cut hard and deep into the very thread of our present lives. I would say that I qualify for that tee-shirt! My past war wounds are more visible some days than others and it takes a constant effort on my part to keep them hidden. I do not need to show off  a badge of courage.

What I am trying to say is, I had a past that  might have led me to think that I would always be destined for heartache, disappointment, and the feeling of living with a broken spirit.  But I decided long ago that I am worthy of true happiness and that I can make it so. How??? I control my attitude and I control my mood. I can be however I wish to be so I choose to be happy, funny, smiling and positive. I can say that my life is full of people who laugh, smile and share positive energy with me. My cup runneth over! I think it is this way for me because I have always try to hide my past war wounds.  Although they are a source of wisdom, they don’t rule my present being.  I say Don’t let the war wounds of your past make your life become something that you don’t want it to be! Stephen Spurling