April 25, 2024

Celebrate Your Life

Today I celebrate my life! A life that was given to me not by choice but because it just happened. How lucky am I to have lived  most of  my 49 years  to the fullest once gaining control of it at a very young age. CONTROL doesn’t mean that I have always made the best choices for myself, and I will probably continue to muddle through wrong choices in the future. But I feel so blessed to be able to own my mistakes and to rise to the challenge of them. I see life as a gift, and you may well say… “I have it all”… and I do! But I chose to see my life that way… because I don’t have it all, but I am happy with what I have. I can always look around me and be thankful that I am where I am! I have my health. I have a job that I absolutely love. I have people who truly love me. I could go on and on… We should all celebrate our lives and the people in it that enhance our being. It will only  makes the journey more precious!  If we open our eyes to what we have in our lives, then and only then do we see how blessed we are. And by all means let go of the mistakes, we ALL make them!  Now go! Celebrate your life! I’m celebrating mine!  Stephen Spurling

Past “Emotional” War Wounds

    Boy, didn’t some of us have a difficult emotional past that has cut hard and deep into the very thread of our present lives. I would say that I qualify for that tee-shirt! My past war wounds are more visible some days than others and it takes a constant effort on my part to keep them hidden. I do not need to show off  a badge of courage.

What I am trying to say is, I had a past that  might have led me to think that I would always be destined for heartache, disappointment, and the feeling of living with a broken spirit.  But I decided long ago that I am worthy of true happiness and that I can make it so.

How??? I control my attitude and I control my mood. I can be however I wish to be so I choose to be happy, funny, smiling and positive. I can say that my life is full of people who laugh, smile and share positive energy with me. My cup runneth over! I think it is this way for me because I have always try to hide my past war wounds.  Although they are a source of wisdom, they don’t rule my present being.  I say Don’t let the war wounds of your past make your life become something that you don’t want it to be! Stephen Spurling


“We can fail only if we fail to try”.

In our society success is synonymous with two things: Money and Power. But the universe measures success by entirely different standards. First of all, to the angels money and power have no value in and of themselves. If money and power are employed for the good of all , then the person who has them could be deemed successful-not for having them but for the accompanying sense of gratitude, compassion, and generosity.

Second, there is no such thing as failure, because everything we do is part of the discovery process. We can fail in life-fall short of our souls mark-only if we fail to try, explore, or take a risk. If we live according to our values, do what we love and are inspired to do, and are not afraid to experiment with life, we are automatic successes, no matter how much money we make or how high a position we have attained.

If you haven’t yet achieved your goals, work at learning from your experience while enjoying the process.. I explore, I risk, I learn, I succeed.

Angel Wisdom……Steven Chaberek

“The Future”

“There is no need to go into shock over the future”

The future is the time that comes after the present. By the time you think about that, you will be in the future. The future of humankind looks pretty bleak these days, especially if you know anything about conditions in the third world countries. Some predict changes on earth in the near future, and again the picture is not bright. Most futuristic scenarios feature humans acting like programmed computers and everything being saved by technology. Is this what we are really striving for? Think about your vision of the future. Don’t get attached to it, and don’t forget that the angels are now a large part of your future.

Brighten your future with the light of the universe. The opposite of bleak is joyful, happy, colorful,bright and full of life. There is no reason that the future for you has to be bleak. Statistics are silly inventions from humans looking for certain outcomes. Don’t buy into statistics; buy onto the future of life.

I welcome the future with a joyful heart and hope filled mind.


” It is what it is”

So many of us have grown to dislike this sometimes over used saying “it is what it is”, but I choose to look at the “saying” as a way of letting go. Letting go of a situation that is out of our control. This is not a bad thing, it’s not as if we don’t care anymore, but it becomes a way for us to move on. Dewelling on something that “is what it is” will only paralyze us physically and mentally, so much so, that we will be no  good to the situations we can control.It does feel so much better to live in the state of being productive with our problems, so recognize what we can and cannot change, then we may say “it is what it is” and most importantly…  move on with our life’s. Stephen Spurling