March 29, 2023

Tree Trimming Tips.

This is how Southern Smarts really trims a tree! Literally! The idea behind thinning out your Christmas tree is to give some depth and dimension to your lights and decorations. A big full Frazier fir is beautiful, but can be difficult to decorate with out giving it a flat look. If you go down your tree and evenly trim out some branches giving some space to the trunk, you can hang your ornaments and string your lights in a way that gives your tree a much richer look. This highlights some of your beautiful ornaments, and gives you an excuse to buy more! On sale of course!

Happy decorating!


The heart has always been a symbol of love, courage, and devotion. Heart and Soul are two words often found together,

and for good reason. It is through the heart that the soul expresses itself. The heart is the organ that keeps us alive

physically, and it is the central source of our emotions and feelings. We know when someone is speaking from the heart, and

we know when our hearts have been touched. It has nothing to do with logic or being rational; knowing is a feeling. When we say

that someones heart is in the right place we know that regardless of the outward appearance of that person’s life, his or her intent

is soul felt and honest.

How is your heart feeling? Is it sad, happy, light or burdened? Is your heart in the right place? To know what is in our hearts

takes effort and time, for we must practice listening to the voice within. Don’t go to sleep at night with a sad heart; take time

to lighten your heart with the universe. Open your heart to the universe each night before you go to sleep, and it will bring joy

to your soul and wings to your ideas.

My Heart is happy, light and full of love.

Angel Wisdom. Chabby Chaberek


Without winter, how could we possibly appreciate the spring“?

Winter is the season of reflection and challenges. In the rythm of natural cycles, it corresponds to that part of us

that must conserve our resources, draw inward, and allow ideas and situations to hibernate and awaken in their own time.

Winter is a time of opposing forces that teach us beauty through harshness. The cold both chills and invigorates us. The

snow and ice can be fierce in their fury or breathtaking in their pristine purity. The long hours of darkness make us yearn

for the day while appreciating the stillness of the night, the warmth of the evening fire. Through winter we learn the art

of patience and the joy of discovering new inner strengths, as we wait for growth to emerge.

At times in your life when you experience the chill of winter-the frieze of activity, the harshness of painful experience, the despair

of the lengthening darkness–the universe may be telling you to draw inward, to look within for understanding and solutions, and

to release the old in order to prepare ground for the new.

A Reflection: I rest in the night to be ready for the day.

Angel Wisdom: Chabby Chaberek


“Progress is not always visible, but It’s always in progress.”

Sometimes progress is such a subtle process that we don’t know if it’s happening to us. Things may

seem unchanged at the surface: we may become doubtful or frustrated by an apparent lack of movement.

But the universe remind us that progress is a process of moving slowly and surely. It does not happen in an instant;

it does not announce itself with grand fanfare and excitement. Rather, each action we take towards our goals is

like carefully setting brick upon brick, building slowly and steadily until one day we step back and realize the house is completed.

If you have been working steadily toward a goal but wish you could make faster progress, think

about how far you have already come and trust in the process.

Even through it may not always  seem like it, I am always progressing

Angel Wisdom,  “Chabby Chaberek



“We can fail only if we fail to try”.

In our society success is synonymous with two things: Money and Power. But the universe measures success by entirely different standards. First of all, to the angels money and power have no value in and of themselves. If money and power are employed for the good of all , then the person who has them could be deemed successful-not for having them but for the accompanying sense of gratitude, compassion, and generosity.

Second, there is no such thing as failure, because everything we do is part of the discovery process. We can fail in life-fall short of our souls mark-only if we fail to try, explore, or take a risk. If we live according to our values, do what we love and are inspired to do, and are not afraid to experiment with life, we are automatic successes, no matter how much money we make or how high a position we have attained.

If you haven’t yet achieved your goals, work at learning from your experience while enjoying the process.. I explore, I risk, I learn, I succeed.

Angel Wisdom……Steven Chaberek

“Doing what you love”.

Those who do what they love are in tune with their purpose on earth.  
Too many of us have been brought up to believe that work is not meant to be enjoyed, let alone loved. Work is meant to give us a paycheck, not excite, energize, or fulfill us. The Universe knows that the opposite is true. Not only can we earn a living doing what we love;we owe it to ourselves to pursue that end. When we find ourselves in jobs we dislike, that frustrate, sadden or otherwise enervate us, our souls are telling us that we just are not in the right place.

When we are doing what we love, by contrast, we feel and radiate joy and enthusiasm, improving not only our own lives, but also out environments. The universe wants us to know that our loving can be our living, and it will instantly answer our requests for help and guidance in aligning our souls with our sources of income.

Do you believe that you can make a living doing what you love? If you would like to believe this, make a list of the jobs you have enjoyed and the ones you have not. When you discover what jobs made you happy and why, fashion the perfect job for yourself, using all the positive elements you have listed. Now visualize yourself in this job, believe that you will have it, and ask the universe to send you the energy and opportunities you need to create it.

“When I do what I love, I create the kind of environment in which abundance flourishes”

angel wisdom.




“Our moods are like the wind-one minute blowing fiercely, the next breathing gently, but always moving on”.

Our moods can be one of our greatest resources, for they reveal to us the many interesting facets of our personalities. Thanks to our moods, we are spared the embarrassment of being totally boring and predictable. We may even surprise ourselves by the various shades and colors our emotions acquire in response to different stimuli. The universe encourages us to work with our moods while at the same time detaching from them. Because they are a powerful form of energy, our moods can fuel our creativity. But we must not become their victims, for they are ultimately only passing phases of our personalities, not enduring aspects of our essential natures .

“I allow my emotions to teach me about myself without engulfing myself in them

Angel Wisdom

Chabby Chaberek



Aprons by Deborah…

    This is a friend of mine that used her own creative abilities to start her own business. Deborah loves what she does, so she does it well . In Deborah’s own words…

I’ve always loved to create things whether it’s sewing, cooking, decorating or scrapbooking. While working on a Christmas present for my son I found a cute piece of fabric with cats on it.  I immediately thought of my friend Shirley and her cat. I knew I wanted to make an apron but didn’t have a definite pattern in mind.

At home I realized that the apron I wear the most is one that belonged to my great-grandmother. It is made from an old flour sack and the printing is still visible on the back side of the apron. I love it because of its history but also because it is comfortable. I can wear it for hours and even forget I have it on.

From there my small business was born. I love working with fun and bright fabrics, anything that makes me smile. A lot of my aprons are not just traditional “food” prints but anything from polka dots to paisley. I love creating something new so I keep experimenting with new ideas and am hoping to begin a line from recycled fabrics like vintage tablecloths. I have a few mother/daughter sets and some holiday theme aprons.

It’s not too late to place an order for Christmas. You can contact me via email at Aprons are $16 each with $2 shipping and fabric samples can be viewed on my Facebook page using the following link.