January 27, 2022

It is Better To Give Than to Receive..

Happily our holidays are headed our way.. The plethora of activity goes on and on.. We prepare the ambiance and then we think of what we can do for others.  Southern Smarts pauses to consider all the worlds ministries that need attention, and we are going to jump into the gift of giving.  When we say that to the world we see that sometimes the world can be a next door neighbor who lost a loved one last year. Sometimes it can be acknowledging a person on the street, and feeling compassion in your heart for what they may have gone through. Always, there is the hope of Santa Clause for needy children. There are meals to be cooked for homeless and hungry. There are donations to be made for enslaved, and persecuted. There is abundant need for refugees, the repressed, rejected, and victims of natural disaster. The list goes on, but it starts with a recognition and then the unabashed desire to satisfy what touches you. If you want to give yourself a gift, let something outside yourself break your heart, make you mad, and make you cry. Make it forever. Then get attached to your calling. Make it as much a part of your life as the gym, your next vacation, and your next promotion. When you discover the vision and the passion to give to others, you have given the best present ever to yourself…


Andi Bartruff

EMPATHY (What is it and do you have it?)

              I have recently discovered, that there is a theory that only certain people are born with empathy. In relation to sympathy, which is a harmony of feeling, empathy is a deeper, more vicarious connection to another’s experience. It is one of the best character traits to have, but it is possible that if you were not born with it, you will never have it! It could be that possessing true empathy is like being born with blue eyes!
           We all experience disappointments in some people. Their lack of connection to a myriad of individual situations is frustrating at best. But this plausible idea has been an epiphany for me. It has freed me from some of my relational prostrations, and made me realize that some may not be capable of walking in another mans shoes.
This lack of empathy can also lead to the not so favorable trait of righteousness. If someone cannot relate to another persons experience, then that posture is ripe for judging.
     So for those of us out there that nurture, and are in touch with their ability to empathize, we need to share it, and if we don’t get it back from someone, then maybe that person is not capable of the gesture. Lowering my expectations for the empathy exchange, has freed me from much disappointment. If your empathy tank is low, be conscience of filling it up, trying on some different shoes, and adding on a new intense awareness for a richer life.     Stephen Spurling


The heart has always been a symbol of love, courage, and devotion. Heart and Soul are two words often found together,

and for good reason. It is through the heart that the soul expresses itself. The heart is the organ that keeps us alive

physically, and it is the central source of our emotions and feelings. We know when someone is speaking from the heart, and

we know when our hearts have been touched. It has nothing to do with logic or being rational; knowing is a feeling. When we say

that someones heart is in the right place we know that regardless of the outward appearance of that person’s life, his or her intent

is soul felt and honest.

How is your heart feeling? Is it sad, happy, light or burdened? Is your heart in the right place? To know what is in our hearts

takes effort and time, for we must practice listening to the voice within. Don’t go to sleep at night with a sad heart; take time

to lighten your heart with the universe. Open your heart to the universe each night before you go to sleep, and it will bring joy

to your soul and wings to your ideas.

My Heart is happy, light and full of love.

Angel Wisdom. Chabby Chaberek


The gratitude attitude is a remarkably powerful force that, when unleashed, turns everything into a joyful experience. Yes, everything. The reason is quite simple: when we develop a consciousness of gratitude, the negative ceases to exist. The gratitude attitude involves thanking everything that is in your life, including the negatives. This may seem at first ridiculous, but here’s the magic: when you thank something negative for happening or thank a negative thought for being there, you have just negated the negative and turned it into positive energy.

At this point, miracles do start to happen. The more thankful you become for all the abundance around you, the more that abundance will flow into your life. So thank everything, even when you are not so sure you are grateful for it. In time you will be.

Spend a day thanking everything you come in contact with. When you open your eyes in the morning, thank the night for your rest and the day for its promises. When you take a shower, thank the water. When you drink your coffee, thank the plant that produced the bean, and those who fashioned the cup you are drinking out of. And of course, thank the angels for all the good they are bringing into your life.

“i continually pause in gratefulness for the amazing process of life”

angel wisdom…..”Chabby Chaberek”