December 7, 2021

EMPATHY (What is it and do you have it?)

              I have recently discovered, that there is a theory that only certain people are born with empathy. In relation to sympathy, which is a harmony of feeling, empathy is a deeper, more vicarious connection to another’s experience. It is one of the best character traits to have, but it is possible that if you were not born with it, you will never have it! It could be that possessing true empathy is like being born with blue eyes!
           We all experience disappointments in some people. Their lack of connection to a myriad of individual situations is frustrating at best. But this plausible idea has been an epiphany for me. It has freed me from some of my relational prostrations, and made me realize that some may not be capable of walking in another mans shoes.
This lack of empathy can also lead to the not so favorable trait of righteousness. If someone cannot relate to another persons experience, then that posture is ripe for judging.
     So for those of us out there that nurture, and are in touch with their ability to empathize, we need to share it, and if we don’t get it back from someone, then maybe that person is not capable of the gesture. Lowering my expectations for the empathy exchange, has freed me from much disappointment. If your empathy tank is low, be conscience of filling it up, trying on some different shoes, and adding on a new intense awareness for a richer life.     Stephen Spurling

Learning from others…

I have always tried to keep an open mind to people who I meet and the ones that I call friends.The diversity of our society can offer wisdom to us all if we are open to except it. We can learn from others.

           I will admit that I find myself wanting to stay within the comfort zone of my on beliefs and convictions.(being surrounded by people who think as I do) It is great living in that comfort zone, but I ask if that is all I ever do… hang out with “my peeps”.  How will I ever learn anything new?  So meeting and engaging myself into the lives of others whom have different beliefs and convictions, almost always renders a feeling in me that I have broadened my intellectual being.  Learning something new or being exposed to a different prospective from others that don’t “walk our walk” or “talk our talk” makes us not only wiser, but grow as a person .

      Today social media sites such as Facebook are to me the best example of us all treading the waters of diversity, and we do this all in the privacy of our homes. We are watching and listening to ours friends via the computer. We carry on conversations with people we may have not seen in 20 years. We see their lives being lived out in pictures and opinions. Sharing our differences could not be made more comfortable than Facebook.  Expressing your difference of opinion in the comfort of you home in front of your computer instead of standing in front of your friends is so much less invasive. What a way to connect and socialize with a diverse society.  In closing remember exposing yourself to different views doesn’t compromise your beliefs and convictions, but just offers a different prospective. And if your open to it well, you may just learn something.  Stephen Spurling


“Our moods are like the wind-one minute blowing fiercely, the next breathing gently, but always moving on”.

Our moods can be one of our greatest resources, for they reveal to us the many interesting facets of our personalities. Thanks to our moods, we are spared the embarrassment of being totally boring and predictable. We may even surprise ourselves by the various shades and colors our emotions acquire in response to different stimuli. The universe encourages us to work with our moods while at the same time detaching from them. Because they are a powerful form of energy, our moods can fuel our creativity. But we must not become their victims, for they are ultimately only passing phases of our personalities, not enduring aspects of our essential natures .

“I allow my emotions to teach me about myself without engulfing myself in them

Angel Wisdom

Chabby Chaberek