January 27, 2022


“Our moods are like the wind-one minute blowing fiercely, the next breathing gently, but always moving on”.

Our moods can be one of our greatest resources, for they reveal to us the many interesting facets of our personalities. Thanks to our moods, we are spared the embarrassment of being totally boring and predictable. We may even surprise ourselves by the various shades and colors our emotions acquire in response to different stimuli. The universe encourages us to work with our moods while at the same time detaching from them. Because they are a powerful form of energy, our moods can fuel our creativity. But we must not become their victims, for they are ultimately only passing phases of our personalities, not enduring aspects of our essential natures .

“I allow my emotions to teach me about myself without engulfing myself in them

Angel Wisdom

Chabby Chaberek