May 23, 2024

Americans United in Tragedy. 9/11

Today  we remember a day that forever changed our feelings of vulnerability that we have all shared as Americans. We were untouchable on US soil. Since 9/11 we now know we can be victimized for our beliefs. Why does this situation exist?

It probably exists because we believe that what we think and what we believe is right for everyone. It doesn’t make sense to punish anyone because their beliefs are different. I think back on the days, weeks, and months that followed that forever changing day. We as Americans had one purpose, and that was to be united as a nation. As this united nation, we stood together in shock, grief, and anger!  We all felt the same to some degree.

I get disappointed at times, at how easily our lives became normal again. Everyone went back to their routine, and seemed to have lost the unity we once had during that historic period. Why does it take such a catastrophic event to unite our nation?  I believe it is normal for us to live our own personal triumphs, and tragedies. However, we must never forget the unity we had at that time. We should realize the challenges we face as a nation, and we have proven ourselves in the past, time and time again. We are always one nation. We protect, and we want what is best for all. So, as today unfolds, be kind and caring towards your fellow Americans. . We will all be united today in remembrance of that tragic event, just remember to continue that feeling of unity in our cause to create the best nation for all of our people. We all count on the common goal.. Liberty, and Justice for all!!


“The Future”

“There is no need to go into shock over the future”

The future is the time that comes after the present. By the time you think about that, you will be in the future. The future of humankind looks pretty bleak these days, especially if you know anything about conditions in the third world countries. Some predict changes on earth in the near future, and again the picture is not bright. Most futuristic scenarios feature humans acting like programmed computers and everything being saved by technology. Is this what we are really striving for? Think about your vision of the future. Don’t get attached to it, and don’t forget that the angels are now a large part of your future.

Brighten your future with the light of the universe. The opposite of bleak is joyful, happy, colorful,bright and full of life. There is no reason that the future for you has to be bleak. Statistics are silly inventions from humans looking for certain outcomes. Don’t buy into statistics; buy onto the future of life.

I welcome the future with a joyful heart and hope filled mind.