June 1, 2023

Holiday Garland! From Artificial to Outstanding!

Decking the Halls can be fun, and even more gratifying if it looks fabulous and is economical!

We  dressed our doorway with a strand of artificial garland with lights. We wanted the garland to look natural, and priced natural pine garland at our local farmers market to add to our swag. Very pricey. So, we decided we could use some of the Christmas tree branches we had cut from our tree, and it worked perfectly! Natural branches were attached using left over green wire ornament hooks. The pine around the door looks natural, and the artificial garland does its job by supporting the lights. This works for doorways, mantles, and staircases. Using your reserved trimmings makes for an economical upgrade. Of course you can also do the same with flowers and berries. Anchor with some artificial flowers, and fill in the rest with what is in your yard. Remember here at Southern Smarts we are committed to simpler living for simpler times! Especially around the holidays!

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