November 28, 2022

A Quick Head To Toe “Flip”

I have renovated  a bunch of houses over the years and this one was the worst, but turned out to be my favorite. We were able to finish this ” head to toe” renovation in 4 months! I felt the most like an Artist with this renovation as I started out with very little bones. Once I got into it… well let’s just say  the few bones I thought it had, were broken! EXAMPLE:The house was built in the early 1940’s and this was about the time they started using plywood as sub-flooring… Well it being a new product… the original builder installed it improperly. I want you to understand the proper way to install plywood but it would probably bore you. Let’s just say that I had to take up all the hardwood floors and re-lay new plywood. Do you get my point in telling you this, the house needed way more than a face lift. I had a vision for this project and I am the type that had to follow thru or the project would have just became “work”. I, of course saw money disappearing from my pockets with all the broken bones!(way over budget) Knowing full well that my vision for the house could not be compromised. I just worked faster in an effort to saving as much money as possible on carrying costs, so I could keep my vision alive!  We could have a 10 page discussion on what it took to renovate this house, but these before and after pictures say it all! Stephen Spurling



  1. Guy Austin says:

    FANTASTIC!! You’re one of the best and always enjoy seeing your finished projects.

  2. Sharyn Marion says:

    Is this the one in Sedgefield? I always loved that renovation too. Terrific job, inside and out. I want you to spread your artistry at my house! I will feed you and provide lots of cocktails, plus your fees, of course. I am painting my fireplace today…..any tips?

    • Stephen Spurling says:

      Thahk you Sharyn… This is the Sedgefield house and I would so love working with you! As for painting a fireplace… all I can offer you is patiences… that is a tough job no matter what you do. Stephen

  3. Jeff Absher says:

    I remember this one. Loved it and definitely one of my favorites. So many touches that I could spot as “very Spurling” from a block away. Good job!!

  4. Muffie says:

    I LOVE painted brick. Steve you are an absolutely amazingly talented guy. (that was a lot of big wordy words).
    I really like your website, watching your videos, and reading your tips. Thank you

    • Stephen Spurling says:

      Muffie, you are sweet to say all those wordy words! (love all those adjectives) The website is a lot of work, with no pay , but I love doing it! And the book, well it has been in the works for sometime, hoping that will pay! LOL

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