January 27, 2022

The “Soul” of our being…

Have you ever wondered why we are all  uniquely different, but our physical bodies are the same? We can interchange parts… I can give you a kidney and it will work! The differences in each one of us is our soul. Wondering what makes a person laugh and another not? The Soul of our being  is what makes us different. I often think of my childhood years when my mother would feed me and my brother the same food and teach us the same rules, yet we turned out to be total opposites…. Well… the Soul of our being was different. No one can teach a soul how to act one way or another, but the mind that carries that soul can. Always adjust your thinking to preserve your inner being…I say be a “kind” soul, as I believe that when our physical bodies give out, our soul is eternally ours. Stephen Spurling

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