June 1, 2023

Cozy Dining Area

Lately, it seems there is a movement towards downsizing our living spaces. I have experienced that myself, moving from a 3200 sq foot home, into a 1000 sq foot condominium.

One thing I found, was I had little storage, BIG pieces of furniture, and a very small footprint in my dining area. I decided to do built-in seating, which would provide me a generous amount of seating and storage.Budget being small, I checked out great little fabric shop that specializes in high end fabric remnants, at a very reasonable price, Modern Fabrics located in the Dilworth Neighborhood here in Charlotte.Hunting for a small table, I happened upon a fantastic deal at the Pottery Barn outlet in Gaffney South Carolina. A stone outdoor table. Perfect, at a fraction of the original cost!

Now, time to get to work.. I painted the walls a soft light grey, upholstered the seats in a wonderful chocolate and white giraffe print. Back is upholstered in a light grey snakeskin vinyl and did some throw pillows in a wonderful orange contemporary fabric. I also had a small side chair with an oval back that I recovered myself in a coordinating fabric that I happened to like.

The end result is a cozy, eclectic, well tailored dining area that seats 5 comfortably, with a plethora of storage underneath, as I do like to buy my soft drinks in bulk. I am finding you can live graciously in a smaller space.




  1. Tami Monroe Lower says:

    Very cool. When we moved from NC to Ohio a year and a half ago, we went from 2,100 sq feet to 1,300. Not as drastic as yours, but still a challenge with storage!! Love the dining room idea!!

    • Stephen Spurling says:

      Hey Tami , we have to buy sodas and dog food in bulk! LOL Need storage and a place to sit down and eat.. It works and is very comfortable,so much so, we have tv in there and spend a lot of time at that table watching tv. Did you notice the back cushions are mounted to the wall …saving more space. Stephen

      • Tami Monroe Lower says:

        No, I did not notice the cushions nailed to the wall..now I have.

        Your biggest fan, (said Kathy Bates in MISERY)


    • Steven Chaberek says:

      Thanks for checking us out Tami. Stay tuned as we have so much more coming! The dining area was alot of fun to do.

  2. Teri Marshall says:

    I love this–looks great! My house Is looking tired. Think I need some “Chabulous” here?

    • Steven Chaberek says:

      Thanks Terri!! Appreciate your feedback! Loading lots of great content everyday. Please come backand visit us again!!

  3. Phil says:

    I’m proud of you Stephen!!!!! Who would have “THUNK”!! I espcially like the look on your face as you reached into the hot oven for your crust… I would have dropped it and said a few choice words….

    Can you add my dog sitting to your blog??? I hate to advertise… but recently moving to Charlotte from Greenville SC for a job.. I had to leave some of the family’s I’ve been house/pet sitting for… for 20 years… Now I need to establish myself here… word of mouth is the best advertising you can do…

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