May 23, 2024

A Unique Entry Gate To Your Garden.

I have always said the entry to your home is most important for a grand “first impression”. I also believe the entry into your gardens should hold the same importance. I wanted to share the garden entry that I built with a little creative energy and little money, and what a garden entry! I used treated lumber to build the frames, and it is a must if it is going to last for years to come. What I consider is my creative energy was when I saw this wrought iron fence panel at Home Depot …. The faux wrought iron fence panel was made out of aluminum.  At this point I realized it would be easy to cut even with a hacksaw. When I got home,  I began the project. I cut my treated lumber to the sizes that I wanted height and width wise, and then I put them together with metal brackets for extra strength. I wanted double doors, and keep in mind when creating your entry it must be scaled so that it is easy to access your yard with your mower, and lawn equipment. The vision for the wrought iron fence panel would become windows for the doors. Check out the picture to my final vision… Sometimes just the simplest resources at your home improvement store can be modified into something really special.