September 24, 2021

The Tale of a Cocktail

Southern Smarts loves a good drink and a good story. We don’t know if there is a better combination of the two than a Midnight Moon cocktail, and the tale of its owner Junior Johnson. Johnson is the father of NASCAR, and was recently inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte, North Carolina. Midnight Moon is a Johnson family recipe of perfected homemade moonshine, infused with your choice of seven different fruits.

For those of you who might have dabbled in NASCAR, and watched today’s stars race around a fancy track and enjoy all the glitz and glitter of today’s sports celebrities, it may intrigue you to know that NASCAR roots are in bootlegging. Junior Johnson and his family made moonshine to subsidize their farm, and a fast car outran a lawman every time. Junior began running liquor for the family at the age of 14, and tweaked his cars to keep him out of trouble. That didn’t always work, but it was the birth of racing and chasing.

We hope you click the link below for more details.  If you choose, try one of their recipe suggestions.  Do not sip before you explore the history.  You can then enjoy a delicious cocktail, and the taste of this intriguing  adventure.


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Local Artist with so much talent…

       I have the pleasure of calling this local talent my friend, Laine Neese Francis, is blessed with a God-given talent of painting beautiful oils. I have always said that “if you do what you love, the rewards come naturally” The countless hours she puts in to her paintings show the colorful life she leads. Laine has travelled oversea and has collected many interesting photos, of which she has transferred to canvas. These transformations are  bright and colorful  interpretations of  life through her eyes. She  also has many paintings of the beautiful coastal areas of North Carolina filled with nature at it’s best! One might catch her standing in the middle of a marsh, easel erected, with paint brush in hand!       Being an avid animal lover, she also has a collection  of paintings that she has done for friends and family;  yes… portraits of their four-legged  friends.  We all  benefit from being surrounded by beautiful things, so with that being said, I would like for you to visit Laine’s site… be enlightened by her talent and passion to create beauty on canvas!