July 2, 2022

Someone’s Junk Is Somebody Elses Treasure…

We have heard this saying a thousand times before, and that’s because it is so true! I have found many treasures that people have put out at the curb as a “give away” or worse as a “throw away”. Many times these items need a makeover that is beyond the owners capabilities or desires. I am a reconditioning fool, so finding someone’s else junk can be a fun and challenging to makeover. I can’t always use what I find, but I will always have reconditioned it to give away to someone else. It feels good to save or pass on a found ” treasure”! It’s value continues to exist! So the next time you see someones junk at the curb, remember it could be a treasure, and you better find it before me! Stephen Spurling


Great use for an Old Dresser.

Upon the transisition of moving and downsizing, I found myself with a great old dresser that I really

had no place for. I had moved a small butlers tray I was using for a bar, and decided it would be put to

better use in my smaller place in the city. I’m sure you have gathered by now storage is a problem

with both places.

The Dresser has become my new bar at the Beach! This works just great, as it has deep drawers for storage of glasses

mixers, small juice containers, etc. Plus, has a large surface to accomodate a Ice Bucket and a variety of liquor bottles.

Once again, friends have commented on what a great idea this was, so I thought I would share it with you.

Have Fun and let those creative juices flow!