May 6, 2021

Making a Statement with Your Staircase

Staircases are some of the most magnificent architectural elements in many of the worlds greatest buildings. They have been an integral part of major entrances and exits in theatre and cinema, and in real life I feel certain we have all bounded, or stomped up the stairs. The staircase deserves to be given its potential……

Just a couple thoughts on doing your stairs justice. This can be an over looked and somewhat orphaned part to the entrance of a home. Many times builders, especially in newer homes, water down this major part of an element that can make your home personal, and very unique.

To fix this oversight, think of your staircase components, take them apart, and then use your creativity to put them back together.  Banisters can be painted or stained a variety of colors. Steps and risers are made for contrast. Different color stains create depth, and color creates excitement. I have seen painted, or even wall papered risers that have an individual, and powerful impact. A more traditional approach is a wonderful carpet runner, peaking outside the border of a beautiful wood tread.

Finally, staircases can be an artistic mix of wood and metal, and don’t forget the medium of the balusters. You can use wood or metal, and be creative with a variety of hues, and shapes. When you put all this together, it will give your home a dramatic voice.

This entire staircase creation will be your one of a kind design project, and most things can be done very economically.  Any changes made to incorporate a part of you into your staircase will truly says, “Come on in”, or,”I’m going upstairs..”  You can take your pick.


Andi Bartruff